Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in hiring me for your birthday or celebration cake?

Well I am glad! 

I appreciate the opportunity to make your loved ones cake. Truly! 

Here's a few frequently questions that I often get. 

    1. What are your cake sizes and servings?

      My cakes are typically made taller than grocery store cakes. Height averages 6-7" tall. 

      Here's a serving guide to help you decide what cake size you will need.

      Serving Size Cake Chart

      Cake slicing recommendation is below: 

    2. Are you licensed and insured?

      Yes! I am an approved cottage baker. 

    3. Can I order allergy free (nut, soy, milk, gluten, etc.) cakes and cookies?

      My studio makes desserts and treats that contain those items. Please be sure to advise your guests appropriately. 
    4. What are your flavors?

      Because I am a scratch baker I am not limited on flavors. All of my fillings are made from scratch so you will never catch me pulling out a bag of high fructose corn syrup filling from my cupboard.

      Skies the limit but here's a few favorites of mine:

      white victorian
      lemon raspberry
      decadent chocolate
      cookie and cream
      red velvet
      pumpkin spice
      pink velvet
      pink champagne
      apple spice
      brown butter toffee delight
      cinnamon toast

    5. What can you design?

      Please let me know if you have a specific color scheme in mind or if you want fondant characters and accents. 

      Please keep in mind that each cake artist is unique and different and thus the end product will always be different. I can create something that is similar to what you're asking but it's nearly impossible to replicate it 100%. 

    6. Do you offer delivery or just pick up?

      Yes I offer pick and delivery. Pick up in Rialto (92377). There is a delivery fee for all orders if delivery is required and subject to a minimum of $30 and maximum of $75. 

    7. How soon do I need to order?

      The sooner the better of course! However, depending on my workload I might be able to squeeze in last minute orders. Last minute orders are considered less than 2 weeks notice. There is a rush fee of $30 for last minute cakes or macarons. 

    8. Do you require a deposit?

      Yes I require 50% to reserve your date and theme. The remaining balance is to be paid 1 day before pick up. 

    9. What happens if I need to cancel my order, will I lose my deposit?

      Yes and no. If you notify me 30 days before your event, I am happy to refund you your deposit. If it's less than 2 weeks notice, unfortunately I can not refund you your deposit as I had to turn down orders to ensure I am able to dedicate myself 100% to each client. 

    10. Do you charge to setup at the location?

      Yes! There's a $75 setup charge plus delivery fee. 


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