Me and My Portfolio


My name is Zomy and I am probably the one and only you will meet in your lifetime. It's a name that was made up by my parents so there is no real meaning behind it.

I started out on this baking journey just like many of us do, as a hobby by making cakes and sweets for our family and friends. Over the years, I managed to hone my skills by taking classes, picking the brains of those before me, and obsessively reading and watching literature and how to. I don't believe I will ever learn it all or enough. That's the beauty of this industry. There is always something new! 

I now offer in person hands on classes from my cake studio in Rialto, CA. I am also commissioned for premium cakes that are eye catching and delicious. I am passionate about my bakes and work hard on providing my clients with something that I am personally proud of. Don't be afraid to share your vision and ideas with me and together we come up with something magical!   

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