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The "MMM" program is a recurring monthly subscription to a delicious array of scratch baked macarons that will arrive at your doorstep (mailbox). 

It will include 6 custom made macarons with scratch made decadent fillings. No duplicate flavors EVER. 

"because mmm is all you can say" when you're enjoying these amazing cookies! Don't believe me? Check out some real testimonials!


During the year I will have what I call the bonus months. During these months you will receive an ADDITIONAL macaron. Oh, it's not just your traditional round macaron. Oh no! During the bonus months you will receive a CHARACTER macaron of my choice!

Character macarons take on average 3-5 hours each to make depending on the level of detail! Yup! You will get to enjoy one of those! 


The program is $30/month. Pricey I know BUT rest assured that I use quality ingredients for all of my fillings and my shells. No corner cutting here! Also know that 1/3 of that goes to pay USPS and for packaging in which I have absolutely no control over! Your girl has to make something for her time and energy right? These cookies are a finicky little beast. This program is only available to members residing in the United States.  


Delivery: Packages will be sent Monday/Tuesday the 2nd week of each month. For example, the February boxes will go out Monday, February 7th. We also do not ship on national holidays.

  • Charges resulting from returned/rerouted packages due to incorrect addresses will be billed in full to the customer.

  • Orders received after 12 p.m. PST will be shipped on the next shipping day.

  • If a specific delivery date is preferred, please contact me (customsweetsbyz@gmail.com) and we will adjust your ship date accordingly.

Your deliciousness will be packaged with the upmost care and handed over to USPS. All packages are shipped USPS First Class with tracking! USPS shipping speeds varies by zone. It can take up to 5 days for it to arrive in some areas. The product will be shipped out from California in a frozen state to ensure it travels as cold as possible. It will contain an ice pack to help sustain the cold temperature however, I do not control the temperature once it leaves my studio. 


  • Due to the perishable nature of our macarons, No returns will be accepted.

  • For damage during shipping, we require photographs of the external shipping box as well as the damaged product in order to submit a damage claim.

  • If you have issues with your order, please contact us at customsweetsbyz@gmail.com within 2 days of receiving your order and provide a photo and detailed description of the issue and we will make every effort to make sure you are satisfied with your order.


In my experience, these are usually devoured by my recipient within hours of receiving it haha however, I do recommend taking the package in as quickly as possible and out of direct sunlight and heat. Place the package into the freezer or fridge.

You can keep the macarons in an air tight container for up to 1 week in the fridge or drop them in the freezer for up to 3 months! As mentioned, they usually don't make it past the first day of arrival. Bon appétit! 


Why would you leave? I understand though. Should you need to take a break from all of this deliciousness just make sure to log back into your account and pause your subscription by the 5th to avoid any charges.  


Your purchase is making a difference in my family's life and of course supporting my dream! 


I know, these suck but I have to do it! 

I am not responsible for how the items are handled by USPS. I work hard to ensure it is nice and padded and secure but it's beyond my control once it leaves my possession. Thank you for your understanding. 

I am not responsible for the weather. No matter how hard I prayed for the sun to come out on my wedding day, it just didn't. I came to accept that I can't control it no matter how much I prayed.

I am not responsible for lost or stolen package. I know how tempting it is for thieves to snatch these. They're irresistible! There are sucky people in this world that would do these kinds of things but unfortunately, I can't be held responsible for it if it shows delivered on my end. I would go out of business! I hope they catch those package pirate thieves. I hate them too! 

Our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold us harmless for allergic reactions.


As always, thank you!