Pirate Shaped French Macaron

Pirate Shaped French Macaron Tutorial 

Hi Guys! The tutorial for creating pirate shaped macaron is now live! Yeah!!!

It has been very emotional for me to step away from the baking world and just focus on making tutorials. Durning the pandemic, I realized how much I enjoyed teaching out of my studio and how much I miss my students. I have a true love for teaching and I hope it comes across in my videos. 

Here's the template I used to create these macarons! Click on image to download the full size. Have fun!  

Pirate French Macaron Template

As you guys know, making french macarons is a bit frustrating and many of you guys have given up. I hope that my videos will inspire or re-inspire you to make them.   

Starting with a great batter is of course essential to your success with making character macarons. I have a macaron 101 video coming soon!!! Hang tight. 

French macaron piping order is the key! 

Just like making royal iced cookies, it's important to layer on the colors in a specific order to achieve the desired look. Please don't rush but work fast and methodical. 

Tools Used:

  • I used SugarPrisim black to paint on the eye, eye patch, and the mouth! Michelle is a sweetheart and owns the company! 
  • Half sheet baking pan by NordicWare
  • I love using a silicon mat. The one in the video is from Amazon called Aprince. Not sure if they're still selling them. 
  • Tipless piping bags are also from Amazon. Just your basic one. Nothing fancy.  
  • Piping tip is Ateco 807

Baking Temperature 

I prefer to bake all my macarons at 270 F for 20-22 min and on convection oven setting. 


YES. I rest my piped macarons until they develop a nice skin. Resting time varies depending on the humidity inside your home. Having a humidity monitor is a great idea! I prefer to bake macarons when it's less than 40% humidity. Again, please refer to the Macaron 101 video as I go into more detail about that!